San Buenaventura Friends of the Library Book Sale at the Dudley House


A tremendous amount of gratitude goes out to all our illustrious and industrious book sale volunteers for a superior effort this weekend (Oct. 13-14, 2012) at the Dudley House book sale.  Once again praise goes to the maestro of the event, Chuck Carlson, without whose engineering and logistical expertise, these events could not be done.  

Thank you to our many volunteers, the warehouse staff who diligently and meticulously prices and sorts the inventory,  Don Bellis, Peter Lorito, Jane Middleton, Peter Thomson, Keith Gordon, the many Saturday morning book wranglers and set up crew,(all of whose names I do not have unfortunately), Art Marshall,  Berta Steele, Pat Harter, Bill and Marsha Wakelee, Marcia Ortiz, Dottie Gragg, Diane Powers, Debra Renick, Alberta Word, (if I have missed any of the set up ladies please let me know), Jean Nickel, Barbara Paarmann, Marianne Coffey, Matt Byrne, Blake from the Dudley House staff,  and all our student volunteers coordinator, Linda Kapala, and student volunteers,  Emily, Jake, Erika, Chloe, Ryan, Wesley, Valeria, Niki, Lia, Nick, Elysse, Sidney, Kassia, Halina, Sarah, Paul, and Glenda and the take down crew, Curtis, Peter L., and Bill.  I apologize if I did not add all names to the list.   Volunteers were moving at the speed of light, packing and loading 24+ tables of books, it was hard to follow the tremendous amount of physical activity,  even in 85 degree weather!!  We are very fortunate to have dedication such as this in our community to support the Friends efforts.
The Dudley House was happy to have us use their facility.  They have invited us back.  We will have a meeting in February to discuss the possibility of a repeat performance.
               –Kathy Thomson,  President,  San Buenaventura Friends of the Library

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