Midsummer Book Sale

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Saturday, July 31st

We are immensely proud of the achievements of the 21 student volunteers who assisted at the July 31 Book Sale. It’s not just about the revenue–When you help at the SBFOL Book Sale:

-You give our book donors the satisfaction of seeing their donations used for beneficial purposes.

-You make quality, affordable reading materials available for purchase by ordinary buyers looking for a break in today’s economy.  Many of our regular patrons need sources of bargains more now than ever.

-You make quality reading materials available to the area seniors who simply could not physically obtain them otherwise.  For years we depended on the neighborhood library to perform that function.
-You bring to fruition the efforts of many other volunteers in Ventura who prepare the books for sale.  They are working for the same beneficial purposes.
In summary, it’s not only about the money:  You are helping just a bit to maintain the fraying fabric of a proud and literate civilization.
OK, you did make some money, too–$2,307.  All proceeds go to the public libraries of the City of Ventura to pay for new books and children’s reading programs.
Thank you for your efforts.
Chuck Carlson, Manager, Periodic Sales

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