What we do

Ventura Friends of the Library supports the public libraries of the City of Ventura in their delivery of library services, including:
  • Purchase of library materials and equipment, e.g. books, CDs, DVDs, books on tape, display and bookcases
  • Year-round reading programs for children and youth
  • Summer programs for children and youth
  • Special programs for families and adults
  • Increase of public awareness of legislation and other activities that may affect the delivery of library services

We raise funds for all our activities through resale of donated books at periodic book sales,  the book store in E.P Foster Library.

Our fundraising begins with the dues collected from members of Friends of the Library and book donations received from Friends and library patrons.

Some of the dues collected are the result of an innovative partnership with Ventura County Credit Union. When seeking a loan with VCCU, borrowers who do not live in Ventura County can create a relationship with the county by becoming members of San Buenaventura Friends of the Library during the application process. We appreciate the support and recognition for the Friends that this partnership provides.
Donations of books can be left at E.P. Foster Library, Avenue Library and Saticoy Library during hours that the libraries are open.IMG_1295
At E.P. Foster Library, there are two large blue bins outside the door of the Friends’ Bookstore (the door facing the computer lab).
Books can be left in those bins or boxes placed next to the bins.

If someone has a very large collection of books they wish to donate, they can send an inquiry to info@sbfol.org.

SBFOLBookstore2014Our very devoted bookstore manager, Colleen Gallo, supervises the disposition of these book donations.

A good eye for the value of books  is essential, but in the last few years a new tool
has been available to determine the value of books.
With smartphone apps, volunteers can scan the donated books to
acquire information on market price and availability. Certain books are then offered for sale to a wider audience than those who might visit our store or periodic sales through a “storefront” on Amazon.com.
When customers of Amazon see “books available used”, Ventura FOL is one of the vendors they can purchase from. This has allowed Ventura FOL to capture the value of these more collectible books for the benefit of our libraries.

Some donated books are added directly to the library’s collection. Some books are chosen to fill the shelves of our bookstore.

Warehouse photos FOLbookshelvesandArtThen, the rest are sent to a warehouse for further sorting and pricing.
These books will make their appearance later at our periodic sales. When you donate books, please be sure that they are clean and still relevant so that they will be salable.

Warehouse photos FOL-3ThelmaandDottie
As the old saying goes, “Many hands make light work” and we do have many hands at work. We also have gotten a great return for the library for our effort and an award  from the Ventura Chamber of Commerce for Non­Profit Organization of the Year in 2013.
One of our goals for the coming year is to increase participation in all the activities necessary to keep our organization vital. First of all, everybody come on down to our bookstore and sales and bring your friends. Let’s keep that product moving!
Drop in to our board meetings on the third Thursday of the month in the Topping Room at 1:30 p.m. We welcome your input. You can learn what goes on behind the scenes and, perhaps, discover an area where you would like to lend a hand. Volunteers are needed on a regular basis ­­ and for specific occasions. We especially need extra help for wrangling boxes of books and driving a truck for periodic sales. We invite you to join an award winning team!

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  1. Linda Palace

    Please send me 501c3 number for donation. Are you also known as San Buenaventura friends of the library?

  2. admin Post author

    Yes, our official name is San Buenaventura Friends of the Library, 501c3 number: 953152348

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